Our Story

After Wellspan Health decided to upgrade its uniform code. Mrs. J. Kolu Mator realized that there would be both new and used uniforms going to waste. She decided that these unused uniforms from Wellspan could be made available for nurses in Liberia, West Africa where she was originally born. In 1990 Mrs. Mator and her family fled due to the civil war that lasted for over 10 years.
Along with the support of many amazing nurses at Wellspan Health and so many friends and family, she has put together a project, and now an organization called, Nurse2Nurse!!

Value Statement

Personal Development
Cultural Diversity


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) / President

J. Kolu Mator

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Joseph F. Mator


Jozelle L. Clark

Administrative Director

Michelle Robertson


Josephine Mator

Bethanne Schott

​Jennifer Shockley

Teresa Stump-Klinger

Tracie Price

Christy Hunt

Tara Flohr

Brenda Weller

Bethanne Schott

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Already, ​Nurse 2 Nurse has sent over 7,000 nurses uniforms and other supplies to 14 healthcare facilities in Liberia, West Africa. Won’t you help us by giving a donation so we can continue this good work?

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30 & Save Explanation

30 & Save Explanation

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How To Sign Up

With your $30 donation to support Nurse2Nurse, you will become a registered customer of the Life Super App which provides you benefits of Cash back, Trip Credits, Coupon purchases, Financial management education, Personal Development , etc. This registration will be completed by Life, the parent company of the Super App and as such, the name Life will appear on your payment credentials. After your registration, Life will notify Nurse2Nurse of your registration and acceptance into the “30 and Save” program. At this point, Nurse2Nurse will acknowledge your donation and provide you with receipt for your donation for tax exempt purposes since Nurse2nurse is a registered 501C(3) tax exempt organization. This is a true win-win for you as a donor ( provides you access to the incredible features of the Super App) and Nurse2Nurse (provides much needed funds to carry out its Mission of improving the quality of Care in underdeveloped communities).

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