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Nurse2nurse- Non-profit Organization was started approximately 4 years ago by Kolu Mator.  It started when York Hospital decided to change their Uniform code.  Kolu decided to ask for the “old scrubs” to donate to other health care employees in her native country of Liberia who are less privileged than those in the U.S.  Liberia is a country in West Africa that had endured three civil wars over 16 years.  The “Scrub” drive was a great success and she and her family were able to donate over 7000 sets of scrubs to 14 health care facilities with much needed transportation from the Samaritan Purse Organization.  While distributing the scrubs, she was able to assess the devastation that the years of war had on the Health Care System, especially the plight of the Nurses.  Upon her return, she was inspired to start a non-profit organization that would help many less fortunate health care employees all over the world; beginning with those in Liberia.  In March of 2020, a five member assessment Team of Nurses2nurse travelled to Liberia and met with the leadership of the Ministry of Health of Liberia and in that meeting it was decided that Nurse2nurse focuses on providing Basic Essentials for the Nurses and enhancing their Training. The interest has been overwhelming and we now have more than 25 members and many Donors. Membership is open to all who share our dream.  To date our major means of fundraising has been by donations and Galas.  We have since had 3 very successful Galas and are working on the 4th Annual Gala. 


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The next trip is planned for March 2023. Our goal for this trip is to take 20 Volunteers to be able to train 400 Nurses at a cost of $45,000 (covers food, lodging, and transportation within Liberia for volunteers and 400 kits@ $80/kit).

Our goal is to Train and equip at least 1000 Liberian Nurses with essential bags, consisting of Blood Pressure cuffs, Oxygen Saturation probe, CPR Masks, and AAA batteries at the cost of $80/bagIn March 2022, eight nurses and two non-medical persons made the first Training trip to Liberia and were instrumental in setting up training sessions for 200 Liberian nurses to help them strengthen their skills, and build their confidence. 

Teaching stations were set up at the Ministry of Health conference room from 9 to 4 pm. A pre-test and a post-test taken by attendees showed marked improvement.  At the end of the Training program, each participating nurse received a tote bag, (at the cost of $80/bag) which included a blood pressure monitor, thermometer, stethoscope, CPR mask, oxygen monitor, and a Bible.  (This last item was donated by an organization in Dover, PA.)  The nurses were extremely receptive and excited, and so grateful for the visitors’ help and for the supplies and instructions they received.  As a result of the success of this Training program, Nurses2Nurse was asked by the Liberian Ministry of Health to make this an annual program, with the goal of Training at least 1000 Nurses. The group would like to return yearly until the goal is met.